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"A more precise method to adjust for shooting at an angle as opposed to just 'holding low.' Quick, easy, inexpensive - this basic method requires one simple math equation to compensate. Real simple math - simple to use. Make the calculation and drop the hammer." – John Porter, The Best of the West TV

"I pull out my Slope Doper to make a quick calculation for my true slant angle corrected range and then I prepare myself to make an ethical shot at my quarry.  This tool has helped me in the field and can also help you avoid becoming 'Angled Up.'  The Slope Doper should be in every long range hunter's pack."
– John Mogle, Christensen's Hunting Illustrated

"I can heartily recommend this tool and will be keeping my sample under lock and key as my shooting partner is eyeing it covetously as I write this review. Sure, you could make a slope indicator out of a cheap school protractor, swiped from your 7th grade rug rat, but it will not hold up as well, does not have the Slope Angle Factors there in plain view for those of us with failing memories, and is not nearly as "trick!" I ask you, what hunter does not enjoy a few tricks now and then? At least this gadget actually has a very useful purpose, which is more than I can say for some of the hunting "tools" I have succumbed to purchasing over the last few years!" – Rod Ryan, Storm Mountain Training Center

"I was watching the outdoor channel last week and watched a hunter on a ridge shoot over a 6x6 bull elk in the valley below. The elk disappeared, and the show ended with the hunter and guide talking about the thrill of the chase, even though they missed the elk. Good for public relations, but not so good for the freezer. They should have had The Slope Doper!"
– Dr. Jim Clary, Guns and Shooting Online

"Angled shooting is usually a big unknown to most hunters. You are up on a ridge and see a buck way down in the bottom of a draw. How does shooting downward affect the bullet? Bottom line is that unless you are way out there - not much. A .308 Winchester bullet hits within an inch or so at 300 yards when fired from fairly steep angles. If you must know a conversion factor there is a simple little tool called a SLOPE DOPER that will instantly give you a correction to apply to the range. Why do we need to hold off? Bottom line is that angled shots are NOT as far as they might appear; the bullet does not travel as far horizontally so it is not affected by gravity as long as it might seem." – Ian McMurchy, Long Range Hunting Slope Doper Man on Mountaintop

"In the field, the Slope Doper…preferable to stumbling through the trigonometry I so doggedly avoided in school." – Shooting Times

"On high-angle shots, accurate angle measurement is critical…There is one tool that should be mentioned, and it is called the Slope Doper. It looks like a protractor, but the scale is positioned differently to allow you to sight down the straight edge."
– Wild

"A great addition to your sniper kit." – Thor Defense

"Created specifically for the precision marksman, Slope Doper is an aid for determining the correct range when shooting on a slope. The previous standard for this calculation involved a protractor, string and weight along with a logbook of angles and their cosigns. The Slope Doper eliminates the opportunity for mistake not only by printing the numbers right side up for shooters, but also includes the cosign on the device — there is no longer any need to refer to a logbook. After determining the cosign (slope angle factor), multiply it by the distance to obtain the corrected range, and shoot as if the distance were the corrected range.  For additional aid, The Slope Doper also includes valuable ranging and conversion formulas on its reverse side." – POLICE Magazine

"Slope Doper…I want every possible advantage available when taking the shot – my life may depend on it." –

"I personally have a Slope Doper and I keep it in my log book along with a few other shooting tools. I trust it and recommend it to other shooters and think that people who are tired of guessing how much to hold over to hit a target will like the Slope Doper and get a lot of use out of it." Gary Graham, WEAPONEER.NET

"Slope Doper is a great tool that will allow shooters to figure out their true angle for taking shots up or down hill in a shooting situation.  This is a much needed tool for any military or law enforcement sniper.  Hunters also have a need for using the Slope Doper for their hunting requirements." – Tony Gimmellie, Impact Data Books


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