Slope Doper -  tactical shooting tool
Slope Doper tactical shooting tool

About Slope Doper

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You have finally arranged your once-in-a-lifetime elk hunt.  Five days into the hunt, there he is – a world-class trophy bull.  You range him in at just over 500 yards.  You have practiced at this and longer distances, your .338 will hold better than 1.5 MOA and you have a good rested position.  At this distance you know your bullet will strike 46 inches below the line of sight.  You have only one problem – you are shooting downhill at 30 degrees.  Your guide tells you to hold low, but by how much? 

No problem!

With Slope Doper, you know to reduce your range by 13 percent – 500 yards becomes 435 yards.  Apply pressure to the trigger.

BANG!  One shot, one trophy elk.

Slope Doper will assist you in becoming a more accurate marksman.

Easy to use

Site your target along the top of the Slope Doper.  Capture the pendulum against the face of the Slope Doper with your finger.  Make the indicated correction to your range.
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Reliable & virtually indestructible

Slope Doper is completely mechanical – there are no batteries or electronics to fail.  Made of aircraft-grade aluminum plate, the Slope Doper is not affected by cold, heat, humidity, or impact.

Inexpensive peace of mind

For less than the price of a box of ammo, you can have peace of mind with Slope Doper.

Easy to store

Slope Doper stores readily in your data book cover or shirt pocket.

Mil-dot formula

As an aid to range finding, use the handy Mil-dot formulas printed on the back of your Slope Doper.

Check out our testimonials to find out why people say Slope Doper is an invaluable tool for every marksman’s shooter kit.

History of Slope Doper

David Rolls invented Slope Doper in 1998 while preparing for the Carlos N. Hathcock II Charity Sniper Competition.  While considering the principles for calculating the effect of slope on shot placement, David thought that there must be a way to simplify the traditional method used to "dope a slope" in the field.  Traditionally shooters would use a protractor with a string and weight attached to measure the angle. Then they would apply a series of calculations and use a chart to determine the cosine.  They could then use the cosine to calculate their corrected range.

When David showed up at Storm Mountain Training Center for the competition, he had something new in his shooter kit, the first Slope Doper.  David presented one of his prototypes to the marine sniper instructor whose team won that competition.  When that soft-spoken marine quietly replaced his own personal protractor with the Slope Doper, David knew he had a tool that would be invaluable to all shooters.

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Up hill. Down hill. First shot. On target.
Slope Doper - the tactical shooting tool

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